Stitched Doll Makeup for an Easy Halloween

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Don’t spend your Halloween in the bathroom getting ready. Treat yourself with this crazy easy stitched doll makeup that takes only minutes!

woman with stitched doll makeup

If you’re like me, you love the vibe Halloween gives off. This means the carved pumpkins, black cats, and just overall witchy-ness of the whole thing. That weird isn’t THAT weird for now, and the Target dollar spot gets a hell of a lot cooler. I’m always too cheap to shell out for a costume, so I normally just end up taking the DIY-ing route.

This year, in particular (lookin’ at you, coronavirus), I plan on spending a big fat ZERO bucks on Halloween costumes. Que my go-to Halloween costume (I’m going to use the word costume lightly), a super easy stitched doll makeup look.

Takes 3 minutes, tops.

It only takes 3 minutes to do, and uses ONE tool. You are almost guaranteed to already have it in your house. Liquid eyeliner! This look is absolutely perfect if you want to low key dress up for work. It can go with any makeup look, and you can practically do this in the car mirror.

Liquid eyeliner for stitched doll makeup

Any liquid eyeliner can work for this. If I don’t want to use my nice one, I just grab one of the wet in wild ones, for super cheap. Black definitely works best, but who am I to tell you what color you’re diggin’!

Woman with stitched doll makeup.

Here are the super simple steps!

  1. Draw a jagged line with the liquid eyeliner. Start at the center of your forehead and draw down over your eyelid. Continue the line from underneath your eye to the top of your cheek bone. I like to vary the width of the line, with a thinner line at the edges and getting thicker towards the center.
  2. Repeat the same jagged line from the corners of your mouth to the center of your cheek, in a smile curve.
  3. Make stitch marks across the lines (it looks best if you make them different sizes and directions).

To take this look to the next level, check out this Sexy Dark Halloween Makeup tutorial by Melissa Alatorre.

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